Just Rambling About Life at Home

It has been a busy week at my house. On Tuesday, I had to leave extra early for a 1:30 p.m appointment, then come back to do some meal planning and cooking for the week and month. My husband defrosted our upright freezer, and I am still reorganizing everything.  I have approximately six pounds of chuck roast in the refrigerator that needs to be cut up and processed in jars for the pantry and ready-made meals.

I am hoping in the next few weeks to have enough money for an order of ground beef and/or chicken breast from Zaycon Fresh. They deliver, but only to a pick-up location not far from my home. If I can get someone to take me to pick it up, I would like to split the package that I order with that person in lieu of payment for gas and time.

My three year-old cat, Gracie is lying on the floor next to me on her back. She is so contented and happy.  I love her very much, as if she was my “little girl,” and I know she loves me.  It is amazing how big she has grown since she came into our lives. At Gracie’s last vet appointment, they weighed her at 9.2 lbs. She’s got quite a belly on her! They say she is healthy and doing fine. Gracie doesn’t eat a whole lot, but she doesn’t spend a lot of time outside either. Her treats are limited so she doesn’t get too fat.  I wish there was a way I could get her to exercise a little. Maybe it is time to get her some new enrichment toys.  Stories on Gracie will be posted later.

Sorting through and throwing away junk and old, worn out clothing has been slow, but steady.  I have to take frequent breaks because of pain in my back and legs. I am doing this without much help from anyone, especially my husband.  He finally caved and gave me “free reign” on making these decisions.  If I am in doubt about a tool, I set it aside in a box or a crate and put it in the shed out back for him to sort. Clothing and most household decisions are strictly mine from now on. I had to do this because our house is a very small, two-bedroom mobile home, and it is overwhelmed with too much “stuff.” You’d think we were hoarders. Most psychiatrists would say that we are mild considering those we’ve seen on the TV program, “Hoarders.” Personally, it sure doesn’t seem that way, due to the size of my home.  Every single corner is utilized with miscellaneous items; clothing included. It’s disgusting, and I am tired of it. My husband’s excuse is “our house is too small.” I’ve tried to convince him to get rid of things we really don’t have to keep. He cannot, or will not even try. As his wife, my health and safety should be a priority. So I have no choice but to do it for him; all of it! I have considered a garage sale for clothing that is still useful, but that takes a lot of time, planning, and a city permit. We also have to have cash-on-hand to make change.  Our monthly budget is very tight, so the extra money from a garage sale would come in handy to help with the expenses. If this turns out to be a non-starter, then the only other option is to donate the clothes.

I am considering going back to work, if I can get a new desktop computer. Yes, I am using a laptop, but with the company I am hoping to be employed, my laptop does not meet their requirements. My desktop computer died a couple of years ago, and I cannot afford to get it fixed. Windows Vista 64-bit operating system is also not compatible with most companies who allow work-at-home employees.  It isn’t the Windows version so much as it is the operating system. Don’t ask me why. I have asked, and they don’t give a straight-forward answer.  Their lazy answer has always been “It is not compatible with our software.” They will not say why.  I am currently using Windows 10 64-bit, but I would need a 32-bit operating system.

Whatever …




MRSA and Lymphedema Update

A lot has happened since my 2011 blog post about my health.  In the last post, I mentioned that my kidneys were not functioning properly, but I failed to mention the Lymphedema. Sorry about that. So, here is what’s current with that:

First, don’t forget my cat, Gracie. She has been a blessing and a lot of fun. A couple years ago, and not long after she came into our lives, Gracie and I had a collision in the kitchen. I was working at the stove, and when I turned to move to the sink, Gracie was right behind me, and I didn’t see her. I accidentally stepped on either one of her paws or her tail. Poor thing! She screamed, I jumped, and next thing I saw was I was bleeding on the top of my left foot. Not a good thing for someone with Lymphedema. The risk of infection is high. Thankfully, I wasn’t cooking anything – just soaking some dry beans in a pot of water.  I stopped everything I was preparing to do for about an hour while I took care of the very tiny cat scratch.

Within less than 48 hours, my foot was much more swollen than usual with the Lymphedema. My entire leg hurt, and I could not put my full weight down on my foot when walking. It felt like I had fractured something. I went to the doctor, and she put me on antibiotics right away. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. After a battery of tests (MRI, CAT scans and lots of blood work), I found out I had MRSA! Stronger antibiotic were prescribed, which made me sick. Then I had to see a wound care specialist. Nurses came to the house to help keep the wound clean and wrapped. Wound care specialist recommended a podiatrist.  I also had I.V. antibiotics for a couple of days. The podiatrist had to do surgery to remove the infection. I had to use a special pump to drain the open wound and promote healing. I was under treatment for six months or more before the pump was discontinued. I think that was the sickest I had been since the mid-1980s when I had Mononucleosis.

To date, things with my Lymphedema are up and down.  It is a struggle for me to maintain the treatment at home, but I do my best.




This is my cat. Her name is Gracie. She came into our lives quite by accident a couple of years ago. My husband and I were having dinner out on the porch one summer night two years ago. All of a sudden, this little kitten, no older than six weeks  came up to us looking  hungry. We already were living in a feral cat community, and we were feeding many of the strays already, so we gave her something to eat and some water. We went inside, and she followed us. We were used to that because of the few ferals who were not afraid of us.  Next thing you know, when we put her back outside, this little kitty trying to climb up the screen on my bedroom window. So, I went and opened up the door, and she just made herself at home. It is as if she was saying, “Will you be my human, and can I stay here?”  Well, who could turn this beauty away!? So, my husband said, “Okay, we can keep her.”

Gracie has quite a personality and her own way of doing things. One of the funniest things I love about her is when she stretches out on her back, curling up all four paws. It seems to be her way of saying, “I really like you,” or “I dare you to tickle my belly!” She is usually very camera shy except for the few times I took these photos. This cat is smart!She knows what it means when I whip out either my cell phone or tablet to attempt to get a photo or video of her. It’s next to impossible. She knows just how to avoid having her picture taken. The ones shown here are just a few of others I have taken over the past year. These are the rare ones where she actually looked up.

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Time Flies When Your Having Fun

It is Sunday, September 4, 2016. You must be thinking that I have given up on my blog. I cannot believe it has been TWO years since my last entry. Well, many things have happened in that time. First, my desktop computer died last summer. Windows Vista 64-bit – Kaput! The fan burned out. I found and bought one on eBay. Now all I need is someone to fix it. The professionals in my area are a little too expensive for my budget. In the meantime, my husband decided to buy me a laptop. I am still trying to get used to the track pad. As I type, my left thumb hits it, causing all sorts of technical problems, but that’s just because I have some neurological issues. Otherwise, I am enjoying my new “toy.”

As for my health, some things are better than others. I recently found out that my kidney’s are not functioning as normal as they should be. Technically, that means, I am in the early stages of Chronic Kidney Disease.  I am currently taking medication for hypertension, and one of those is also designed to help protect the kidney’s from further damage. My doctor does not see the need for me to be referred to a specialist, but I disagree, sort of. It is not as easy for me to understand what is going on.There has to be more that I can do besides medication to help protect my kidney’s from deteriorating anymore than they have.  The internet is great for searching the web on millions of subjects. However, it does not take the place of a face-to-face consultation. We’ll have to see what the next week brings me, I guess.

My mother and older siblings came for a visit earlier this summer. It had been 11 years since our last “reunion.” I told my brother that I don’t want to wait that long again to get together.  “We’ll see,” he said. Mother has aged and slowed down a lot. She is now living in an assisted-living apartment. There are aids who help her wake up in the morning, and take her dog out for his morning routine.  Mother has breakfast and dinner in the main dining room with others who live there. There are activities that she wants to get involved in, but it is taking her awhile to adjust to her new surroundings.  She still attempts to stay up late at night, sleep on the couch. That’s not safe for her anymore, as she has a history of falls with rib fractures. My older sister lives nearby and is Mom’s primary. From this point on, I am going to keep in touch with my sister for updates. I try to call Mom, but she doesn’t always answer the phone. Lately, my calls have gone to voice mail. Sister thinks she may have accidentally blocked my number. Oh, well, that’s okay. At least sister is nearby.

My youngest nephew is getting married in October. He’s only 19 or 20 yrs old. My sister (his mother) feels he and his fiancee’ should wait another year or two, but, you know how young people are. They don’t always want to take advice. According to the invitation, Nephew & Fiancee’ are getting married somewhere in the mountains of Colorado – about an hour from where they live. I would love to go, but it is not possible. I hope they send pictures.



Where Have I Been?

Hello Readers! Happy Thanksgiving to all! You probably have been wondering what happened to me, whether or not I was still alive. Yes, I am still here and doing well. Things at my house have been hectic for a very long time. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to get all things accomplished.

I am currently making some very important decisions on the direction of my blog as well as my private life. So much is happening around us, and with the political “climate,” it is going to get much more dangerous to share information. Alas, I still believe that our Heavenly Father will protect us, but he also expects us to be wise in all our decisions.

With all that said, I may consider converting or transferring an older blog from another provider into this one and then upgrading from the free WordPress version I am currently using. All that takes money that I currently do not have, and I do not have the heart to ask for donations, especially during hard times for everybody. Until then, I appreciate your patience and ask for your daily prayers as I take on this transition. It will be awhile before I can come back “full-time.”

Thank you so much!

Found! Photo of my Paternal Grandfather as a Child

Sidney Thedford and FamilyI am so excited about this!! A few weeks before Christmas, I finally had the opportunity to speak with a relative who lives several hours north of me. She went through boxes from her husband’s father’s house and came across several photos of ancestors. The one shown is the family of my paternal great-grandfather.The relative sent me a few of them. My grandfather is the littlest one in front on the far right (click on the photo to get a better view!). The family resemblance is just amazing to me. My oldest brother has nearly the same features and expressions, especially the “scowl” you get when facing sunlight.  🙂

I’ve been told that since they all grew up in Texas, many of them were cotton farmers. There’s not a lot of information on the women from that time period, because they were stay-at-home mom’s. Many of them didn’t have much of a “scholarly” education other than the basics. Knowing how strong they must have been for this time period to raise large families, they knew how to preserve the home and hearth for them. I wish I had more detailed information about my great-grandfather. It would be nice to know how he treated his wife and sons. Was he friendly and kind to others? I know he was a faithful member and deacon of the Baptist church. From that, I can have hope that he loved his family very much.

One of my Favorite Talks …

In my lifetime, I have encountered many people of great faith in God and Jesus Christ from many denominations. Some have often made claims of having the “corner market” on Christianity, basically implying – and sometimes outright stating – that other denominations or non-denominational “Christian” churches with instrumental music are not Christian – according to their interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.

My mother taught me from a very young age to never take the words of any bible teacher as “gospel.” She taught me to study the scriptures for myself to learn if they were true.  This brings me to my most important lesson in my adult life as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As I mentioned in a previous post, I fasted and prayed, asking God for His Divine Wisdom on what I should do. One evening, I was in an online discussion with a fellow “Mormon,” and he showed me something that confirmed in my heart exactly what I have been seeking for a very long time: The Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ, and it is true! The following link will tell you why I believe this:

“We invite all to inquire into the wonder of what God has said since biblical times and is saying even now.”

LDS.org – Ensign Article – “My Words … Never Cease”.   By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles